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XMission Outlook Exchange on Mac

NOTE: The Outlook for Mac functionality requires additional EWS licensing to be activated and billed for. Domain admins and mailbox owners can contact Excel Micro and ask the agent to add the feature to the account.


1. Open up Outlook on your Mac computer.


2. Click on "Tools" and click on "Accounts...".


3. In the window that opens, click on "Exchange or Office 365".


4. The next windows ask for the account information. Fill in your information accordingly, just like the image below. Make sure that "Configure Automatically" is unchecked, the server field won't show until you do. When you're finished, click "Add Account" and you're finished! 

What's the difference between POP and IMAP?
The main difference is the way in which IMAP or POP controls your e-mail inbox. When you use IMAP you are accessing your inbox on the hosted mail server. IMAP does not actually move messages onto your computer, although the messages appear on your computer while you work with them, they remain on the central mail server.

POP does the opposite. Instead of just showing you what is in your inbox on the hosted server, POP checks the server for new messages, downloads all the new messages in your inbox onto your computer, and then either deletes them from the server or if you have it configured to leave a copy on the server it will stay on the server (leaving a copy on the server is preferred).

If you choose to use POP and select to leave a copy on the server but do not specifiy a time frame, then messages will be stored indefinitely on our server. This allows you to access your email from other locations/devices even after you have popped it down to the first machine.   Storing your messages on our server is the safest practice (i.e.  You would not lose your email if your computer failed or was stolen).  Please also consider that by keeping all your email on our server, you may incur additional storage fees if your mailbox size exceeds your current allotted storage amount. If you have any questions on how much storage your account is currently allotted or your rate schedule for extra storage, please contact one of our sales partners.

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