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Frequently Asked Questions for End-Users

The most frequently asked questions from our customers are presented below.
What is VIPRE SafeSend?
VIPRE SafeSend is a Microsoft® Outlook® Add-In, which will alert you when you’re sending an email to an external recipient. SafeSend automatically scans your outbound emails. At the Send prompt, the SafeSend pop-up window will present you with two options: Confirm all external recipients of the email and Review any attachments within the email.
How does VIPRE SafeSend work?
When installed, SafeSend will require validation each time you send an email to an external recipient. You will need to confirm all external recipients of an email before it leaves the network. Upon hitting “Send” or “Send Secure,” the SafeSend pop-up window will appear. To confirm the recipients or any attached file, click on the checkbox beside each of the external recipients (and file if applicable) and hit the Send button.

What happens if I compose an email that includes both internal and external recipients?

The SafeSend pop-up window will only include any external recipients in your email.

How do I remove a recipient from a message?

You will need to close the SafeSend pop-up window, remove the unwanted recipient, and resend the message.

Does SafeSend support mobile devices?


How can I tell if the SafeSend software has been installed?

SafeSend will be listed in the Control Panel > Programs and Features section. You will also receive the SafeSend pop-up window when sending emails outside the customer domain.

Does SafeSend log events to the Windows Event log?

Yes. Refer to Related Articles for more details on how to adjust log settings.

Do I still need to encrypt or securely send messages containing sensitive or personal information?

Yes. SafeSend is not a replacement for secure email but an additional control measure intended to prevent emails from being sent to the wrong external recipient.

Will the SafeSend pop-up window display on replies as well as new messages?

Yes. The SafeSend pop-up window will display on any email sent to an external address including new emails, replies, and forwards.

Does SafeSend detect mail merges?

Yes. If you are using the Mail Merge feature, SafeSend will ask you how it should handle messages within the Mail Merge session.

Which email clients does SafeSend Support?

SafeSend works with Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 for all versions of Windows. SafeSend also has a web version that works with On-premise OWA and Office 365 OWA. SafeSend does not work for Outlook on Mac.

How are my SafeSend settings Managed?

Refer to our article on the VIPRE Success Center to learn more about SafeSend settings management.
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