Each customer CSP tenant is capable of displaying your Support Contact information - however, Microsoft will display blank information by default until you input your own - like this:



Customers can click on the question mark icon  and the ‘Help’ page slides in where they can   see the customized contact information for your help-desk.




Fig. 1: Customized support   information as seen on the customer’s portal office account.


This article explains how to replace the default Support Contact information with your own.

IMPORTANT: ExcelMicro cannot provide you support for non-CSP Subscriptions, nor for CSP Subscriptions not provisioned by ExcelMicro. Microsoft does not allow ExcelMicro to see these. 

Tip! ExcelMicro offers free support to you for CSP Subscriptions purchased through ExcelMicro, however you are obliged by Microsoft in your CSP contract to provide support to your customers. 

Follow these steps to input your Support Contact information.

1) Log in to your Microsoft portal account


2) Select () waffle icon > Admin

3) On the left side of the menu from the ‘Office 365 Admin center’ page, select ‘Settings’ then select 'Organization profile'.


4) Once you have selected ‘Organization profile’ then from the right side of the menu select 'Provide customized help desk contact info' and click on 'Edit' 


5) The ‘Provide customized help desk contact info’ page opens


6) Turn the ‘Help desk card’ switch ‘On’

8) Tick the () checkbox or check boxes corresponding to the information you want to display and then enter the relevant information in the corresponding box

Note: There are no required fields. Provide only the information you want to display:







1. Custom title: Enter a   title such as “<company name>   help desk” or “Need help?”   

2. Help desk phone: Enter   your organization’s help-desk's phone number that your customers can call for   support. The number should be complete and includes country and area codes.   

3. Help desk email: Enter the   email address for your help-desk.

4. Help desk URL: If your help-desk has tools and resources for assisting customers, provide the name and URL.

 10) Click the Save button

NOTE: You will need to repeat this process for each of your customer’s CSP tenants. Applying your Support Contact information to one customer tenant does not update any others.