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Email Client Setup


With the proliferation of email clients available in the market it is becoming increasingly difficult to have step by step directions for all clients.  These instructions should serve as a foundation and contain all of the core information you will need to configure your email client. There may be exceptions or individuals that need additional assistance with configuring these settings and you may need to consult that email clients support database.

Generic Email Client Settings

Most email clients available on the market allow for an an IMAP connection. This is the most efficient and easiest method to connect email client to our servers. If your email client allows this type of connection it will sync mail, default folders and personal folders. If you have the ability to use this on your email client we would highly recommend utilizing it. 
If IMAP is not available or desirable, you can use POP: When using POP, please ensure that your email client and your mobile are configured to leave a copy of messages on the server. This will ensure that when your mobile device searches for available mail for download that there will be something there for it to POP.

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing SMTP server: (requires authentication)
Username: (your full email address)
Password: your password (Hosted Zimbra password). Random initial passwords are configured and sent to the administrator at setup.
Remember that you will need to turn on authentication for outgoing (SMTP) connections and that you will want to leave a copy of the mail on the server (if using POP).
What's the difference between POP and IMAP?
The main difference is the way in which IMAP or POP controls your e-mail inbox. When you use IMAP you are accessing your inbox on the hosted mail server. IMAP does not actually move messages onto your computer, although the messages appear on your computer while you work with them, they remain on the central mail server.
POP does the opposite. Instead of just showing you what is in your inbox on the hosted server, POP checks the server for new messages, downloads all the new messages in your inbox onto your computer, and then either deletes them from the server or if you have it configured to leave a copy on the server it will stay on the server (leaving a copy on the server is preferred).
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