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VIPRE Email Security: Action Required - Confirm All your Domains are added to the VIPRE console

Best Practice Reminder: Confirming All Domains are Added to VIPRE

As part of VIPRE’s ongoing efforts to enhance the security posture of our Secure Email

Gateway service, they are implementing a crucial update in September that will further

safeguard the reputation VIPRE’s, and by extension your organization’s outbound email

traffic. Excel Micro and our partner’s best practices have always included adding every

domain and subdomain to the VIPRE administration portal. This update may not impact

you or your customers however, you may want to verify each sending domain is added

prior to September 12, 2023. Ref: ‘Excel Micro: Welcome to VIPRE Email Security

Reminder: All Outbound email traffic relayed via the VIPRE Secure Email Gateway

system must originate from a ‘known' domain listed in the Domains area of VIPRE Email

Security administration portal (see image below). This ensures that only authorized and

trusted domains can utilize the VIPRE gateway for outbound communication. Starting

September 12, 2023, emails originating from unknown domains will be rejected

automatically by the VIPRE system.

What action do I need to take before September 12, 2023?

Confirm all of your customer domains are added.

1. Review Your Domain Routing Settings:

a. Log in to your VIPRE Email Security Cloud admin console and navigate to

the list of 'known' domains listed in the “Domains listing” area.

b. Review the list of domains that are defined and ensure that all domains

and subdomains your organization uses for outbound email are listed.

2. Add Your Domains:

a. If you identify any domains or subdomains that are not yet listed, add them

by following the steps in the Add and Verify Domains article. Be sure

to complete this before September 12, 2023 or your outbound emails will

be rejected.

Please Note: In the next day couple of days, a notification will be added to the

Email Security administration portal that will be Visible to all customers advising

of the upcoming improvement to the VIPRE security posture and the possible


What happens if I am missing a domain?

If a domain is not present in VIPRE on or after September 12, 2023, yours or your

customers outbound emails will be rejected with a "Relay Denied" error message. Emails

will not be delivered to the intended recipient. This will occur for all emails sent from any

domain not listed in the Domains > Domains Listing area of the portal.

Need Assistance or Have Questions?

If you have any questions or need assistance with configuring your domain routing

settings, our dedicated support team is here to help.



Phone: 877-466-7726


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